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Prizes? Prizes!

First off, since when I google searched for cool “prize giveaway” pictures, all that came up was a bunch of crappy coupons, I am instead going to use a photo of that crazy moose head from Evil Dead 2.


Good, now that that’s out of the way, we can move on.

This will be a brief post, but it will be enough to excite you in places you didn’t even know you had.

I am officially announcing an ongoing contest beginning right now.

On the at-the-moment to be announced November release date of Zombie Jesus & Other True Stories, we will be picking five people who have commented on our Zombie Jesus blog to win a prize. It doesn’t matter which post (including this post you’re reading right now), we will be going through every single comment on the site, and putting all the names into a drawing (authors of Zombie Jesus are disqualified, obviously). And yes, your name will be entered more than once if you comment on multiple posts. However, if you comment a bunch of times on one post, it’ll only be entered once for that post. Meaning, you get one vote for each post you comment on. Simple enough.

Four of the winners will be receiving a free e-copy of the anthology, and the fifth person will be receiving a free physical copy of the book. Also, all five winners will be receiving a free poster of the front cover of Zombie Jesus & Other True Stories — which will be revealed here shortly.

So yeah, there’s that. Make sure to spread the word to all your friends and enemies and lovers. Expect author interviews to begin Monday, as well as other miscellaneous posts that you’ll get the chance to feast upon.

And if you think that’s all the contests we’ll be having, you’re wrong.

So get ready, because this just got real.

5 responses to “Prizes? Prizes!

  1. I am pretty sure this is not a moose. It looks more like an elk.

  2. bobby newman ⋅

    Evil Dead 2 for the win

  3. Eli Wilde

    Your next true story anthology could be about Zombie FBI agents, maybe called The Walking Fed! Or Night of the Living Fed. Idk, maybe you should just stick with The Evil Fed…

  4. Might there be bonus points for comments containing accolades, insight or otherwise blatant attempts at swaying “random” drawings? 😉

  5. Kriscinda ⋅

    Your next anthology should be the back stories of all the objects featured in that room in ED2.

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